Thomson Reuters launches European power analytics tool

Thomson Reuters launches European power analytics tool

Thomson Reuters launched a tool designed to help traders predict prices in European power markets.

London/New York Thomson Reuters launched a new analytics tool on its flagship Eikon product to help commodities traders and analysts predict prices in major European power markets.

The new tool, Power Curve, uses visualisation techniques to enable traders and analysts to obtain real-time, fundamental fair value assessments of the Nordic and German power markets, two of the most liquid power markets in the world.

Thomson Reuters said Power Curve combines power supply data available under REMIT, or Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency, with real-time fuel prices, weather, available capacity information and Thomson Reuters proprietary supply and demand models.

“Power markets are increasingly complex and news and price data alone are no longer adequate for traders to assess the fair value of power markets today. Understanding the impact of event-driven data such as weather, supply and demand changes and capacity information on power contracts is critical but also very time consuming,” said Stefan Reichenbach, head of commodities research and forecasts at Thomson Reuters.

“By adding event-driven market simulation models into Thomson Reuters Eikon, we are bringing together data from multiple sources, including data made available by REMIT, and providing energy professionals with a comprehensive visualisation of how such events drive market outcomes,” he said.

Reichenbach added: “Recently when a German nuclear power plant came back on-stream earlier than anticipated, Power Curve visually illustrated how demand would be met by plants with lower marginal cost and correctly anticipated the €2 drop in power prices.”

The Commodity Research and Forecasts service in Eikon provides weather, metals, agriculture and energy insight from a team of analysts from Thomson Reuters GFMS, Thomson Reuters Lanworth, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon and Thomson Reuters Weather Insight.

Thomson Reuters acquires Pricing Partners

Thomson Reuters acquires Pricing Partners

Thomson Reuters acquires OTC derivatives pricing analytics provider, Pricing Partners

Paris – Thomson Reuters has acquired Pricing Partners SAS, the software developer and provider of OTC (over-the-counter) derivative pricing analytics and services.

The acquisition of Pricing Partners is intended to enhance Thomson Reuters Pricing Service (TRPS) pricing abilities for structured notes, interest-rate, equity, credit, commodities and FX derivatives, as well as hybrid products, adding derivative products valuation, pricing tools and risk analytics to TRPS.

“In today’s economic environment, regulatory requirements and continued economic recovery pressures are driving demand for independent and transparent evaluated pricing services that are specialized to offer local market expertise,” said Debra Walton, managing director and head of Enterprise Content at Thomson Reuters. “The acquisition of Pricing Partners strongly positions Thomson Reuters to meet the changing needs of our European and global client base.”

“Pricing Partners has built a strong brand with an impressive offering and client base in Europe with a growing presence in Asia,” said Neil Masterson, managing director and head of Investors at Thomson Reuters. “This acquisition builds on our commitment to providing our clients with the independent, neutral pricing services they need and represents another step forward in our vision to connect and power the global financial community.”

Thomson Reuters and Pricing Partners already have an established and successful working relationship under which Thomson Reuters has used Pricing Partners Price-it®, a proprietary financial library covering all major asset classes: interest rates, equity, inflation, credit, foreign exchange, commodities, life insurance and hybrid products, to provide pricing services through its proprietary delivery platform, Thomson Reuters DataScope, reaching over 2300 clients worldwide on a daily basis.

“Pricing Partners is delighted to have found a strong industry leader in Thomson Reuters who will use our critical talent and expertise to grow and serve our customer base,” said Eric Benhamou, CEO, Pricing Partners. “Thomson Reuters is a proven partner and shares our vision of the growth opportunities that exist in the evaluated pricing space.”

All the data – Andy Webb, and the Wrecking Crew take a look at one possible source – Thomson Reuters Tick History

First Published in Automated Trader Magazine Issue 29 Q2 2013 : Software Review

One of the certainties when building automated or algorithmic models is that you’ll be needing historical data, probably lots of it. So in this issue Automated Trader’s Founder, Andy Webb, and the Wrecking Crew take a look at one possible source – Thomson Reuters Tick History

One of the things that quickly takes the fun out of developing trading models, like almost nothing else, is historical data. You start out full of brilliant intuitions and innovative ways of testing them with maximum rigour, only to find yourself bogged down trying to track down the right data source.

That can be time consuming enough for just single markets. But what if you trade across multiple markets or among them using arbitrage strategies (as a lot of Automated Trader readers do)? Can you find a provider that can cover them all? Or will you have to mix and match multiple providers? If so, are there inconsistencies among the providers in the way in which they deal with conventions such as adjusting for splits and dividends on stocks? Even individually, is their approach consistent across time frames for these conventions? And so on…

In the light of that, the case for finding a credible provider that has the widest possible range of available data at the finest granularity is not too hard to make. All of which is quite convenient for Thomson Reuters Tick History, which offers time and quotes and time and sales data across a wide range of markets, both geographically and in terms of instrument type. There is certainly a convenience factor in being able to download tick data in a consistent format from a single vendor ranging from equities, to funds, to FX, to fixed income (among others). Most of these data are available for the past 17 years, but some data sets run back as far as the 1970s.


Continuum Analytics Provides Python Insight into Thomson Reuters Databases

Continuum Analytics is providing access to Thomson Reuters’ QADirect data offering via Wakari, its browser-based Python data analytics platform. Python is an open source computer language that was first released in 1991, and which has grown in popularity in part because of its emphasis on code readability and compactness. A number of financial markets participants are known to be using or evaluating it.

QADirect comprises data spread across a number of databases, including Worldscope, Datastream and I/B/E/S, and is focused on the needs of quantitative research. It provides access to normalised data from different sources via a single identifer. It is typically deployed on a customer site with daily updates, and is hosted in a relational database, such as from Microsoft or Oracle. Access is via SQL or an analytics package, including SAS, S-Plus, Matlab or R, or via Thomson Reuters own QA Studio analytics interface.

Austin, Texas-based Continuum specialises in Python-related technology, for data management and analytics. Founded in 2011, Continuum is privately backed and earlier this year received $3 million if funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop visualisation techniques for large, multi-dimensional datasets. It released Wakari into beta in December 2012, providing an easy mechanism for developers to create data analytics using Python. Wakari includes IOPro, a library developed specifically to optimise access to large datasets, such as QADirect.

Says Continuum president Peter Wang, Python provides a simpler data access method than traditional SQL, reckoning that Python can do in one line of code what SQL takes five or six to acheive. It is also an easier programming language to read, compared to the likes of C, C++ and Java, he contends.

Wakari can either be installed within an enterprise or accessed as a managed service, in which case it relies on cloud EC2 (compute) and S3 (storage) infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. It also can leverage GPU-accelerated compute nodes. One of the strengths of Wakari, says Wang, is the ease of sharing analytics results, which can be acheived by sharing a single URL.

Python has clearly caught the interest of financial markets developers. More than 300 attended a recent New York Python in Finance conference, hosted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which featured speakers from Continuum, and addressed topics including visualisation, scalability, GPU support, and integration with the likes of R and Microsoft Excel.

Thomson Reuters Launches Accelus Compliance Manager for Insurance

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced the launch of Accelus Compliance Manager for Insurance, a solution that enables U.S.

via Pocket April 11, 2013 at 07:31PM

Continuum Analytics Announces Partnership with Thomson Reuters

Continuum Analytics, the premier provider of Python-based data analytics solutions and services, today announced a new partnership with Thomson Reuters (NYSE: TRI) to make large financial datasets more accessible and easier to analyze for those in the quantitative field.

via Pocket March 29, 2013 at 10:51AM

Thomson Reuters Celebrates Success of FX Communities in Thailand

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, announced the winners of its fourth annual Thomson Reuters FX Trading Awards for Thailand’s financial community.

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21 banks Nepalese banks sign up to Thomson Reuters FX Dealing Platform

Nepalese banks sign up to Thomson Reuters FX Dealing Platform

First Published Monday, 25th March 2013 from Automated Trader : Automated Trading News

21 banks in Nepal sign up to Thomson Reuters Dealing, Nepalese rupee trades alongside major international currencies for first time

Thomson Reuters has announced that 21 banks in Nepal have signed up to Thomson Reuters Dealing, the company’s trading platform for foreign exchange. This will also mark the first time that the Nepalese rupee will trade on a global trading platform alongside major international currencies.

“The start of the dealing platform marks a move towards the automation in management of foreign exchange reserve in Nepal,” said Dr. Y.R. Khatiwada, Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank who officiated at a ceremony marking the occasion with the Nepal Bankers’ Association and the Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of Nepal. “It provides the Nepalese banking sector with easy access to multiple counterparts at a time and helps to grasp the opportunities arising from changes in international financial markets. This will also maximize the efficiency of our people working in forex reserve management.”

“Thomson Reuters Dealing serves the world’s largest professional trading community and we are delighted to welcome these 21 Nepalese banks into that community,” said Sriram Ramnarayan, vice president, Financial & Risk South Asia, Thomson Reuters. “This represents a new era in transparency, efficiency and automation in the way trades are executed in Nepal. The availability of real-time pricing information and automated trading processes will open up new opportunities for Nepal’s banks and enable them to tap into the global FX markets – the largest financial market in the world.”

Thomson Reuters has had a presence in Nepal for more than a decade working closely with the financial industry and the banking community and is the leading international financial provider to operate in the country in association with Nepal’s ICTC Group.

Redline certifies InRush 3 accelerated ticker plant with Thomson Reuters FX Matching platform

First Published Wednesday, 20th March 2013 from Automated Trader : Automated Trading News

Redline Trading Solutions expands ultra-low latency liquidity aggregation for best execution in FX

Woburn, Mass – Redline Trading Solutions, the provider of ultra-low latency market data and order execution systems, has announced support for the Thomson Reuters FX Matching platform in Redline’s InRush 3 Accelerated Ticker Plant.

“Our ultra-low latency integration with industry-leading Thomson Reuters Matching is advantageous not only to our foreign exchange customers seeking the best pricing for their FX trades but also to our equity customers needing the most accurate currency prices in support of global equity trading,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline Trading Solutions. “InRush 3 is able to exploit the features of FX Matching while consolidating data from more than 30 FX global liquidity providers, assuring best execution by delivering the lowest latency and most accurate aggregated price book available.”

Thomson Reuters recently announced enhancements to its FX Matching platform that bring increased capacity, scalability, and performance to the FX community. Redline has completed certification of InRush 3 with the foreign exchange feeds from Thomson Reuters.

Redline’s InRush ticker plant and order Execution Gateway support equities, options, and futures in addition to FX and are offered as licensed software or as a managed service at key co-location facilities.

Mark Skalabrin, CEO, Redline Trading Solutions Mark Skalabrin, CEO, Redline Trading Solutions

“InRush 3 is able to exploit the features of FX Matching while consolidating data from more than 30 FX global liquidity providers, assuring best execution by delivering the lowest latency and most accurate aggregated price book available.”

TR Expands Commodity Research on Eikon

Thomson Reuters Further Expands Commodity Research and Forecast Service on Eikon with Agriculture Research and Analysis Thomson Reuters integrates Thomson Reuters Lanworth analysis to provide Thomson Reuters Eikon customers with access to independent research and forecast analytics for the agricult

via Pocket March 07, 2013 at 07:41PM

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