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Perseus Brazil Debuts Market-To-Market Liquidity Platform LiquidPath®

Perseus Brazil Debuts Market-To-Market Liquidity Platform LiquidPath®


LiquidPath® combines the Perseus award winning connectivity solutions with the Perseus global market-to-market ultra low-latency network. LiquidPath is a fast and cost effective solution for the deployment of the necessary equipment needed to be staged in foreign markets so that customers do not have to manage the complexities of having “feet on the street” in new emerging markets.

Perseus Telecom customers see a variety of advantages when choosing LiquidPath:

Through efficient and high-performance trading infrastructure ideal for staging Market Data, Order Management (OMS) as well as Algorithmic and High-Frequency-Trading equipment, customers can benefit from state 0f the art equipment ready to be turned on as a service.

Due to complex and static environments Perseus can offer proximity services for Direct Market Access (DMA) platforms, helping customers getting trading with exchanges or counter parties fast, saving time and money.

Customers can enjoy having balanced IT investments with LiquidPath® making it easier to plan and allocate IT expenditures for trading emerging or foreign markets.

“Liquidity Infrastructure” for local and global buy-side, sell-side and service vendors looking to access the Brazilian Securities marketplace.

LiquidPath combines the Perseus award winning fastest connectivity solution with the Perseus Global Market-to-Market ultra low-latency network . LiquidPath is a fast and cost effective solution for the deployment of trading infrastructure into foreign markets so that your firm does not have to manage the complexities of local “feet on the street” in new markets you may want to trade.

Perseus Telecom customers see a variety of advantages when choosing LiquidPath:

Efficient and high-performance trading infrastructure ideal for staging Market Data, Order Management (OMS) as well as Algorithmic and High-Frequency-Trading equipment.

Complex and static environment optimal in colocation and proximity services for Direct Market Access (DMA) platforms. Well balanced IT investments – support for planning of IT expenditures.

LiquidPath Brazil

Perseus Telecom Brazil helps customers meet their requirements for low-latency market access and cost efficient IT products and services saving both time and money.


  • Exchange proximity colocation
  • Hardware as a service
  • Ultra-low latency connectivity
  • Elasticity (up and downsizing)
  • Managed and Professional Services


  • CT1 – 1st BVMF DC (30µs)
  • CT2 – 2nd BVMF DC (5ms)
  • SP2 / RJ1
  • Internet / Last Mile
  • Global Liquidity Centers Access




Perseus Telecom is an award winning global provider of connectivity and services. We work with best of breed fiber assets globally. Perseus provides customers with the right

network solution at the right price. Whether connecting trading desks to exchanges, establishing global wide area networks, or connecting from Europe and North America to emerging markets in Latin America, Asia and Africa; our customers have the competitive advantage that comes with innovation and experience in finance, banking, technology, law, e-commerce, multi-site enterprise, pharmaceutical, media and telecom sectors.

CFN Services Announces TradingHUB Providing Global Access to Liquidity Venues with One Single Connection

CFN Services Announces TradingHUB Providing Global Access to Liquidity Venues with One Single Connection



Newswire | June 18, 2013 – 1:51pm

CFN Services, a leading provider of managed IT services to the financial services industry, announced the debut of TradingHUB, the company’s highly secure cloud connecting liquidity venues worldwide with one single connection. As a vital source of connectivity for leading, security-conscious financial services players, TradingHUB safely connects buy-side and sell-side firms to global liquidity, while providing access to the advanced trading, analytics and data services available on CFN’s Alpha Platform.

A single connection to any of the 50 global TradingHUBs deployed across the Alpha Platform enables clients to simply and affordably connect to key liquidity venues and trading partners across asset classes eliminating the need for expensive and complex market access networks, colocation and hardware. In markets with Alpha Platform Direct Connect (APDC), clients utilizing TradingHUB can leverage APDC’s low-latency direct market access and raw, full depth of book feeds from leading global exchanges. TradingHUB reinforces CFN’s reputation as an innovator in the evolving, financial markets for high performance automated trading solutions.

“We’re excited to introduce TradingHUB, providing clients a more secure, agile and affordable means of accessing to today’s financial markets. Through a single connection, TradingHUB opens the door to hundreds of financial markets, leading intermediaries and tier-one trading partners around the globe,” said Paul Edelmann, Senior Vice President, Professional Services, CFN Services.

This addition to the portfolio of Alpha Platform offerings demonstrates CFN’s commitment to client-driven innovation, security and high performance. Since last year, CFN has delivered Alpha Platform

On-Demand, the first, globally-distributed, high performance public cloud for the global financial markets; enabled market access over the fastest point-to-point wireless technology; and launched Alpha Platform Direct Connect, the company’s direct market access and market data platform.

“In addition to exchange colocation facilities, we are pleased to announce the expansion into Telx’s two facilities on their Clifton, N.J. data center campus, which offers a unique set of differentiated features for the capital markets. Effective today, with a single TradingHUB connection, clients can connect from any venue, to any venue quickly and reliably on the Alpha Platform,” added Edelmann.


Informatica Highlights Performance of SMX Messaging

Informatica Highlights Performance of SMX Messaging


blog | June 18, 2013 – 2:34am | By Pete Harris

Following on from last month’s announcement of Ultra Messaging SMX, Informatica has published a range of latency and throughput performance figures for the shared memory transport, covering a number of programming languages. Messaging latency as low as 39 nanoseconds was recorded, with overall latency more than 16 times lower than tests conducted on an earlier version of the transport, conducted in May 2010.

Ultra Messaging SMX is designed for messaging within a single server – in fact within a single multi-core chip, an architecture that has become increasingly adopted as Intel has rolled out its Sandy Bridge (and now Ivy Bridge) microprocessors – with up to 12 cores on certain Ivy Bridge chips. On chip cache memory is leveraged by SMX, since it is faster than fetching data from standard RAM.

Latency tests were conducted between threads running on the same core (2 threads per core are supported by Intel) and between cores on the same chip. Throughput tests were conducted from one thread to threads across many cores on the same chip. Informatica did not test latency between cores across sockets, since it would have been higher than for a single socket.  

Informatica tested its transport against C, C# and Java APIs, noting that trading systems are often built using a number of languages and so such support is a typical requirement. The test systems for latency included one server with an Intel Xeon E5-1620, with 4 cores, clocked at 3.6 GHz, while for throughput tests a server with a (pre-release) 10 core Ivy Bridge chip, operating at 2.8 GHz, was used. CentOS and Red Hat Linux operating systems were hosts for the C and Java tests, with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 supporting the C# tests.  

Some highlights from the tests are:

* Thread to thread latency on same core, for the C API, and 16 byte messages, was 39 nanoseconds. The same for 128 byte messages was 48 nanoseconds, for 512 byte messages was 81 nanoseconds. 

* Thread to thread latency on a sibling core, for the C API, was 103 nanoseconds for 16 byte messages, 111 nanoseconds for 128 byte messages, and 135 nanoseconds for 512 byte messages.

* C# and Java latencies were a bit higher.  For example, latency for 512 byte messages between threads on the same core was 135 nanoseconds for C# and 106 nanoseconds for Java.

* As an example of a throughput test, 16 byte messages were transmitted from one thread to up to 19 other threads on the same chip. With 19 receivers and the C API, throughput of 133.92 million messages/secomd was achieved, without batching of messages. Batching – which increases latency – increased this to 305.34 million messages/second. Informatica found that throughput increased nearly linearly as receivers were added.

While the significant decrease in high frequency trading has reduced the overall need for such low latency transports, Informatica notes that it is still required for other trading operations and strategies, such as arbitrage, market making and smart order routing.

Morgan Stanley HFT overhaul shows promise

Morgan Stanley has said it is successfully restoring client access to liquidity eroded by high-frequency competitors following an overhaul of its equity trading infrastructure.

via Pocket http://www.thetradenews.com/USA/newsarticle.aspx?id=8589934751 June 18, 2013 at 09:22PM

CNSX Markets (Canadian Nat Stock Exch + Pure Trading) Deploys Point of Presence in Equinix TR1 Data Center

CNSX Markets (Canadian Nat Stock Exch + Pure Trading) Deploys Point of Presence in Equinix TR1 Data Center


Newswire | June 11, 2013 – 2:47pm

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that  CNSX Markets Inc. (CNSX Markets) has deployed a point of presence (PoP) in Equinix’s TR1 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Toronto, Canada.

Highlights / Key Facts

·         Spurred by requests from customers already located in the Equinix TR1 facility, CNSX Markets expanded its infrastructure into TR1 to streamline connectivity and reduce costs.

·         CNSX Markets, a recognized stock exchange, is the operator of two venues: the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX) and Pure Trading™. CNSX is a venue for listing and trading of Canadian public companies, primarily in their early stage of development. Pure Trading provides a low latency/high performance continuous auction market system for securities listed on other Canadian stock exchanges. 

·         Location directly affects cost trajectories, system performance and a financial institution’s ability to keep up with fast moving trends. CNSX Markets’ new PoP in Toronto positions its systems for maximum connectivity, performance and agility, which lowers the barrier to entry for dealer participation.

·         Equinix’s TR1 IBX data center is located in the preeminent telecommunications carrier hotel and data center facility in Canada. TR1 provides CNSX Markets with a full array of premium data center and support services with extensive network choice and the ability to interconnect to customers and partners across the financial services ecosystem.


·         Richard Carleton, CEO, CNSX Markets:

“The Equinix data center in downtown Toronto represents a significant concentration of equity market liquidity in Canada. As an organization, we are constantly looking for ways to assist our dealers and other market participants to reduce costs and network management challenges. By offering our customers a low cost, high performance access to our services through the new point of presence at Equinix we can broaden the access and visibility of our marketplaces.”

·         Stewart Orrell, managing director, Global Financial Services, Equinix:

“CNSX’s point of presence will be a valuable addition to our growing financial ecosystem, offering direct access to an even wider range of securities and market data available from one location.” 


Evolution of Microwave Technologies for the Financial Industry :: TabbFORUM – Where Capital Markets Speak

Evolution of Microwave Technologies for the Financial Industry :: TabbFORUM – Where Capital Markets Speak.

ConvergEx Group’s LiquidPoint Launches iRBM™ and iRBH™

ConvergEx Group’s LiquidPoint Launches iRBM™ and iRBH™



Published on   Jun 05, 2013


New Intraday, Real-Time Risk-Based Portfolio Margining and Risk-Based Haircut Tools

New York, June 5, 2013 – ConvergEx Group, a leading provider of global brokerage and trading-related services, today announced that LiquidPoint has launched iRBM™ to provide real-time TIMS based portfolio margin estimates and iRBH™ to provide real-time TIMS haircut estimates. The new tools offer more effective intraday capital management and help customers bolster their ability to meet minute-by-minute capital monitoring requirements.

iRBM and iRBH are powered by LDB and built on top of the low latency LiquidPoint BLAZE .net architecture. They allow customers to calculate intraday margin and haircut estimates based on current prices, intraday positions and real-time volatilities. This application service architecture ensures that existing LDB users have a seamless experience in running intraday valuations.

“Market movements, volatility swings and positions changes can alter risk profiles significantly,” said Anthony Saliba, chief executive officer of ConvergEx’s LiquidPoint. “By offering intraday calculations, we are empowering risk managers to identify those positions when it matters most – when it happens.”

ConvergEx’s LiquidPoint offers flexible, customizable and comprehensive solutions, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of institutional options traders.

LDB develops software that assists financial accounting and regulatory reporting staff within the securities industry to calculate and optimize capital charges, including security haircuts and margins, both portfolio margin and FINRA Rule 4210 option margin requirements.

STERCI reinforces its presence in Europe with a new subsidiary in Germany

Sterci, the international leader in financial messaging technology, today announced the opening of Sterci Germany GmbH, based in Frankfurt.

via Pocket http://www.bobsguide.com//guide/news/2013/Jun/5/sterci-reinforces-its-presence-in-europe-with-a-new-subsidiary-in-germany.html June 06, 2013 at 06:50PM

Azul Systems Teams-Up with Rapid Addition to Deliver Low Latency, Jitter-Free Trading Engines

Rapid Addition, a leading provider of trading technology to buy- and sell-side financial institutions, has joined forces with Azul Systems, the award-winning supplier of high-performance and elastic Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).

via Pocket http://www.bobsguide.com//guide/news/2013/May/21/azul-systems-teams-up-with-rapid-addition-to-deliver-low-latency-jitter-free-trading-engines.html May 23, 2013 at 07:56PM

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