Biomass Fuel Supply Study: Client – Confidential

Biomass Fuel Supply Study: Client – Confidential

Biomass Fuel Supply Study: Client – Confidential

Project Description

The availability and cost to deliver woody biomass required supply a 100 Megawatt (MW) plant located in XXXX County, XX was assessed.

The analysis considered a variety of biomass sources including: manufacturing residues from regional wood processing plants (e.g., sawdust, chips/shavings, and scraps/bark); forest harvesting (logging) residues; unmerchantable timber; and landfill waste (if applicable in the region). ANTARES assessed the supplies within an economically viable transportation distance of approximately 150 miles from the plant site. ANTARES used an in-house model to assess the impact local competition from fiber consuming plants could have on availability and cost.

Task 1 consisted of:
market background and historical review
current supply study
market competition analysis
Task 2 provided:
detailed cost analysis of the biomass resources
discussion of specific market competitors
case study on possible scenarios
a break-even analysis
The results from these tasks were discussed and delivered in a final written report and then presented in a power point presentation at the end of the project.

Table Of Contents

1.1 Project Purpose
1.2 Data Sources and Terminology
1.3 Background
1.4 Methods and Analytical Approach
1.5 Resource Types
1.6 Supply Area Description
1.7 Analytical Approach
2.1 Manufacturing Byproducts
2.2 Forest Biomass
2.3 Forest Resource Data Sources
2.4 Forest Resource Overview
2.5 Landownership
2.6 Public Lands
2.7 Privately Owned Lands
2.8 Forest Biomass Production
2.9 Forest Residues, Timber Stand Improvement and Land Clearing/Thinning
2.10 Current Demand for Forest Biomass
2.11 Forest Biomass Availability
2.12 Urban Wood
2.13 Summary of Biomass Fuel Availability
2.14 Resource Composition and Quality
2.15 Key Logistical Issues
2.16 Collection
2.17 Transportation
2.18 On Site Infrastructure
2.19 Comparative Analysis
2.20 Procurement Area
2.21 Forest Inventory Data
2.22 Forest Residue Pricing
2.23 Urban Wood
3.1 Historical Price Variability
3.2 Analytical Review of Drivers for the Cost of Fuel Chips
3.3 Model Description
3.4 Model Results

List Of Figures

Figure 1 Wood Prices A
Figure 2 Wood Prices B
Figure 3 75-mile and 150-mile Supply Shed Radius
Figure 4 Map of Producing Wood Products Manufacturers
Figure 5 Plant Forest Shed Major Forest Types Acre Distribution
Figure 6 Plant Forest Shed Major Species Association Acreage
Figure 7 Land Ownership in the plant Forest Shed
Figure 8 Map Showing Forest Biomass Availability from Logging Byproducts
Figure 9 Map Showing Geographic Distribution of Forest Biomass from Land Clearing/Thinning
Figure 10 Map Showing Landfills
Figure 11 Map Showing Wood Recovery Companies
Figure 12 Bundled Residue from the John Deere 1490D Slash Bundler
Figure 13 National Truck Availability, Quarterly
Figure 14 Pulp and Fuel Residue Prices
Figure 15 Fuel Price Comparison
Figure 16 Whole Tree Chipping Pro Forma Analysis Results
Figure 17 Sensitivity of Delivered Wood Fuel Costs to Diesel Prices (for 25 Mile One-Way Haul)
Figure 18 Sensitivity of Delivered Wood Fuel Costs to Haul Distance
Figure 19 Delivered Wood Fuel Sensitivity to Changes in Labor Costs
Figure 20 Delivered Wood Fuel Cost Sensitivity to Capital Cost
Figure 21 Summary of High/Low Scenarios and Impacts on Delivered Fuel Costs
Figure 22 Comparison of Cost Model Results to Published Market Data

List Of Tables

Table 1 Ownership in Region Land
Table 2 Availability and Current Market Prices for Manufacturing Byproducts
Table 3 Plant Forest Shed Total Biomass in Green Tons
Table 4 Plant Forest Shed Pine Growth Rates in Green Tons per Acre
Table 5 Plant Forest Shed Total Forest Residues
Table 6 Plant Forest Shed Annual Woody Biomass Harvest from Non-commercial Forest Thinning and Land Clearing
Table 7 Generation of Urban Wood Waste from Urban Forestry and Construction
Table 8 Wood Recovery Map Key and Contact Information
Table 9 Summary of Biomass Availability from Manufacturing Byproducts, Forest Biomass and Urban Wood Resources
Table 10 Quantity, Price, Moisture for Contracted Supply, Estimated HHV and $/MMbtu Values
Table 11 Approximate Fuel Composition Breakdown Based on Resource Availability in Supply Shed
Table 12 Comparison between previous studies and ANTARES Urban Wood Waste Generation
Table 13 Pine Pulpwood Volatility
Table 14 Statistics for Fossil Fuels
Table 15 Model Key Inputs
PDF Download

Download the PDF Version of this report’s table of contents fuel supply study

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