Edinburgh-based Kiltearn Partners has gone live with INDATA’s iPM – Intelligent Portfolio Management platform.

Edinburgh-based Kiltearn Partners has gone live with INDATA’s iPM – Intelligent Portfolio Management platform.


Greenwich, CT – INDATA, the provider of software and services for buy-side firms, has announced that Kiltearn Partners, based in Edinburgh, Scotland is live with INDATA’s iPM – Intelligent Portfolio Management platform.

Based on significant growth in assets under management, Kiltearn Partners LLP required better systems to facilitate greater operational efficiency and compliance capabilities. Kiltearn chose to implement iPM based on the system’s strong portfolio modeling, compliance and dealing (OMS) capabilities, as well as the fact that iPM can also provide a fully integrated back office accounting package via a single database architecture.

“The review and replacement of our back office system came about as a result of a full scale review of platforms within the current marketplace that offered us the functionality of a full front to back solution with more sophisticated compliance capabilities,” commented Stuart Gunderson, Chief Operating Officer. “Now that iPM is in place, we have a fully integrated software application that is designed to efficiently handle our investment management process,” he added.

“We are very pleased to welcome Kiltearn Partners LLP to our client community and look forward to serving their current and future needs,” commented David J. Csiki, Managing Director, INDATA. “Having made our iPM products and services available outside the US only last year, we have had excellent uptake by clients, especially in the UK, with a number of firms in our active implementation queue. We are excited by the depth of experience our new international clients bring to the iPM user group at large,” he added.


The Modern Portfolio Manager Cockpit: Front-to-Back Portfolio and Risk Management

The Modern Portfolio Manager Cockpit: Front-to-Back Portfolio and Risk Management


In search of alpha, firms and investors are adding new asset classes and markets to their portfolios. But the buy side needs a system that can provide portfolio managers, regulators and investors with the required visibility into these products.
Investment management firms are facing a new reality. The current low-yield environment is forcing hedge funds and traditional asset managers to reach for innovative strategies in search of new sources of alpha. Constrained by increased volatility in major asset classes and lower expected returns over the long term, asset managers and their clients need to diversify their portfolios while reducing operational risk and improving compliance with global regulations.

To increase returns and avoid sharp losses, firms and investors are looking to diversify their portfolios, adding new assets where needed. There has been a great increase in alternative investments in recent years from traditional asset managers, showing the rising appetite for asset classes that have a proven track record in delivering returns.

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The growing investments into emerging markets are another key example of asset class expansion. Investment firms require trading support in order to adhere to local market conventions across all geographical regions, particularly in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. However, it is important for buy-side firms looking to invest in new asset classes or geographies that the system they use can handle these products with the required level of transparency and reporting mandated by regulators and investors.

Finally, as firms are trying to differentiate themselves to attract new inflows, there is a renewed focus for liability-driven investments and, more generally, outcome-based solutions. Plan sponsors are under duress and are showing appetite for such solutions. From the investment manager perspective, this reinforces the need for detailed, across-the-board exposure analysis and hedging functionality – in systems capable and scalable enough to follow the growth in volumes and complexity.

Total Visibility

The modern portfolio manager needs visibility, above all. Standalone legacy systems may not provide portfolio managers with what they need in this regard. In order to be effective, having a consolidated view of all positions and assets and being able to see P&L and exposures in real time is imperative.

More important, there is currently a shift of functionality from the back office to the front office. Collateral management, for example, is now no longer a post-trade process. Portfolio managers want to understand the impact of their trades on margin calls, or the impact of market movements on their projected cash. Investment accounting is also becoming more intertwined in the trade decision-making process – managers want to know in real time how a certain trade impacts their accounting P&L.

Finally, and more than ever, it is important for them to be able to simulate new assets and products to evaluate their impact on risk. Sensitivities, VaR and stress testing are key contributors to this analysis and to efficient portfolio management. Portfolios are becoming more complex and market conditions are more volatile, hence the need for integrated risk management in the investment decision process.

Global Regulatory Compliance

Since the financial crisis, and even in the years before that, there has been a rapid institutionalization of the hedge fund and asset management market. The pressure on compliance officers is considerable given the unprecedented amount of current and future regulatory activity, including UCITS, AIFMD, EMIR, MiFID and Dodd-Frank. Sophisticated investors are now demanding better reporting and deeper transparency from their investment managers, and increasingly perform in-depth operational due diligence. Regulators are also demanding greater transparency in risk management and reporting.

While looking to minimize the operational efforts to produce the reports, there are business opportunities for firms looking to attract new capital by following the “labels” of regulations and providing their investors with guarantees of compliance to best practices in investment management.

In addition, siloed business activities can create a higher risk of operational inefficiency. Today’s risk officers require consistent data and transparency across all of the organization’s business lines and need to be able to consolidate all the risks that might impact the organization. End-to-end integration and straight-through processing (STP) for central clearing are a big help in that area, as well.

Of note, another factor to consider is the increasing demand for managed accounts over the past few years. The financial crisis has left many investors nervous about comingled assets. Many now want their assets to be segregated. The operational burden of doing so can be significant.

Of course, costs are a big issue at a time when inflows are relatively low and margins are squeezed. Firms can benefit from a single, integrated system that covers all asset classes and is modular, with functionality that can be added on-demand with ease and has no redundancy. Hedge funds and traditional asset managers don’t want to have to develop their IT infrastructure themselves and want to rationalize the number of systems or interfaces. They expect service providers to develop new functionality to enable them to find alpha and grow, be more efficient, and meet regulatory challenges.

Asset Manager PEAK6 Selects SunGard for a comprehensive Portfolio Management and risk system

Asset Manager PEAK6 Selects SunGard for a comprehensive Portfolio Management and risk system


PEAK6 Advisors LLC (“PEAK6”), a Chicago-based asset manager specializing in alternative investments, has gone live with SunGard’s Front Arena and Monis solutions. The solutions help PEAK6 better service its clients by providing customized portfolio and risk management, valuations and trade processing.

SunGard’s Front Arena and Monis help increase operational efficiency by allowing PEAK6 to concentrate on what they do best – delivering returns and achieving agile growth.

“We wanted to ensure we are conducting ongoing due diligence by offering our investors a well-defined investment management system that can handle our assets under management in an efficient way. SunGard’s Front Arena and Monis help mitigate our internal risk and automate our validation processes – giving our investors piece of mind.” – Scott Kramer, chief technology officer, PEAK6

The implementation was completed in less than four months and PEAK6’s requirements were met in terms of open architecture and highly configurable functionalities.

MST Capital selects SunGard’s Hedge360


First Published 19th March 2013

SunGard’s Hedge360 provides MST with holistic hosted investment management suite

MST Capital, an Asian focused Global Macro hedge fund based in Australia, has chosen SunGard’s Hedge360, a hosted front-to-back office hedge fund investment management application suite.

Now live, Hedge360 aims to provide MST with an enhanced ability to provide analysis, trading, portfolio and risk management of OTC and exchange-traded derivatives and securities, in real-time.

“Crucial to us was the ability to choose tailored components of the investment management suite to meet our specific requirements. The breadth of SunGard’s asset coverage, its unified team support across all the solutions and complete technology outsourcing and security, combined to make Hedge360 our top choice.” – Les Andrews, chief operating officer, MST Capital

StatPro announces partnership with Interactive Data to offer fixed income evaluations data via the…

StatPro Group plc (AIM: SOG), the AIM listed provider of cloud-based portfolio analytics and data solutions for the global asset management industry, today announces a new partnership with Interactive Data , a leading global data provider.

via Pocket http://www.bobsguide.com//guide/news/2013/Mar/19/statpro-announces-partnership-with-interactive-data-to-offer-fixed-income-evaluations-data-via-the-statpro-revolution-app-store.html March 20, 2013 at 09:42PM

Janney Capital Management Upgrades to INDATA iPM Cloud

Firm Enhances Data Management, Compliance, Disaster Recovery and Remote Access Capabilities via iPM Cloud INDATA, a leading industry provider of software and services for buy-side firms including trade order management (OMS), compliance, portfolio accounting and front-to-back office today announced

via Pocket http://www.bobsguide.com//guide/news/2013/Mar/19/janney-capital-management-upgrades-to-indata-ipm-cloud.html March 20, 2013 at 09:38PM

James Caird goes live with Tradar’s Insight 5.0

Tradar, a leading provider of portfolio management and accounting software to the buy-side globally, has announced that the London and New York based James Caird Asset Management, has gone live on its flagship product, Insight version 5.0.

via Pocket http://www.bobsguide.com//guide/news/2013/Mar/12/james-caird-goes-live-with-tradars-insight-5-0.html March 14, 2013 at 09:45PM

Matarin Capital goes live with Tradar

Tradar a leading provider of portfolio management and accounting software to the buy-side globally are pleased to announce that Matarin Capital Management has successfully implemented its flagship product, Insight™.

via Pocket http://www.bobsguide.com//guide/news/2013/Feb/28/matarin-capital-goes-live-with-tradar.html February 28, 2013 at 06:15PM

Dion Develops Interface With Cofunds – Provides Seamless Integration Between Leading Platform And Portfolio Management Solution

Dion Global Solutions, technology partner to the financial services industry, has developed an electronic interface between its Invantage solution and the leading financial services platform, Cofunds.

via Pocket http://www.mondovisione.com/media-and-resources/news/dion-develops-interface-with-cofunds-provides-seamless-integration-between-lea/ December 30, 2012 at 06:17PM

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