The ICE Endex Wood Pellets Data Products Biomass Exchange

All ICE Endex Wood Pellets settlement prices are based on delivery CIF Rotterdam and are derived by means of the pricing panel methodology. Data delayed at least five minutes. For first-hand information, please login to the Futures Market Data section.

Market Data

A variety of Market Data products are available for purchase for this market. We also provide bespoke data sets on special request. To subscribe, please contact our Market Data team.

Historical market data remains at

ICE Endex Wood Pellets Data Products

A survey among exchange members and active players in the bio-energy markets has indicated a strong demand for standardized market price information for several bio-energy products facilitated by an independent and secure platform. In close co-operation with market players active in these markets, ICE Endex is eager to contribute to the further development of the bio-energy market by providing bio-energy price indices.

Biomass Exchange

In 2008, ICE Endex launched the Industrial Wood Pellets price index in response to the market’s need for price transparency. There has been increased interest in the trade of biomass contracts and, as standardised exchange-traded contracts did not exist, ICE Endex saw this as an opportunity to respond to the requirements of the market. ICE Endex and Port of Rotterdam announced their cooperation in July 2010. A joint feasibility study to investigate the possibilities of establishing a biomass exchange was finalised in November 2010.

On 3 November 2011, the world’s first Biomass exchange was launched by listing industrial wood pellet products, including 3 month, 3 quarter and 3 calendar contracts.

The development of the biomass exchange follows a two-phased approach. In phase one, the exchange started with non-cleared products, meaning the physical settlement is arranged bilaterally between the counterparties after the trade has been concluded. Phase two will include the development and implementation of clearing services for wood pellets contracts, thereby providing further financial security to market participants. In this phase, Port of Rotterdam will contribute its expertise with regards to shipping, storage and distribution of biomass products.

All Wood Pellet contracts traded on the exchange are certified with either the Green Gold Label certification scheme, the Laborelec-SGS Solid Biomass Sustainability Scheme or the Drax Biomass Sustainability Implementation Process in order to ensure sustainability.

ISDA Publishes Safe Harbor Letter for Non-ERISA ‘Special Entities’

See Swaps with Special Entities section

FCA Update on RRP and CASS

On 26 April 2013, the FCA published Policy Development Update No 157. This summarises the anticipated publications dates for various pieces of regulatory guidance. Of note are the following:

a policy statement (PS12/5) to CP11/16 on recovery and resolution plans, due for publication in Q2 2013;
a policy statement to part 2 of CP12/22 on the client assets regime (multiple client money pools), due for publication in Q2 2013 (had previously been noted as “TBD”); and…

Bank of England | Financial Stability Paper No 20: Central counterparty loss-allocation rules

Bank of England| Financial Stability Paper No 19: Central counterparties and their financial resources

Interesting paper on how a CCP achieves protection

Hedge Accounting to be Lost on Novation to CCP?

Greatbarticle especially with respect to “An exception applies with respect to trades that are novated to a CCP, but only where the novation is required by law or regulation. However, it remains unclear whether existing trades, many of which are novated to CCPs by a desire to reduce risk and capital charges rather than out of legal necessity, will be grandfathered.”

TradingScreen Meets Dodd-Frank Foreign Exchange Requirements

Trading Smarter

TradingScreen is proud to announce that it is in compliance with the final CFTC rules under the Dodd-Frank Act covering certain foreign exchange (FX) transactions, requiring firms display mid-point pricing on foreign exchange pre-spot, forward outrights, non-deliverable forwards and swap trades.

By building in the new functionality ahead of deadline, TradingScreen has ensured that swap dealers and their clients experience uninterrupted service when the Dodd-Frank rules go into effect on May 1, 2013.

This mid-point price information, which is either calculated by TradingScreen or supplied by brokers, can also be used to assist with clients’ transaction cost analysis (TCA).

Read the full announcement about Dodd-Frank FX Requirements, or to learn more about TradingScreen’s recent developments around transaction cost analysis (TCA).

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