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This split aims to create maximum strategic flexibility and improved opportunities for the development of each company. You will find all the relevant business information on two new websites.
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Exchange-traded Biomass Products

Exchange-traded Biomass Products

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Polish exchange to launch biomass trading 30 Mar 2011 11:35 GMT

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Polish exchange to launch biomass trading
30 Mar 2011 11:35 GMT
Warsaw, 30 March (Argus) — Polish power exchange Polpx plans to launch physical biomass trading by early May to capitalise on rising demand from power generators.

The biomass platform will initially operate in the unregulated market, and represents the exchange’s first move beyond electricity and emissions trading. “In the future, we also plan to move into gas and coal,” Polpx vice-president Dariusz Blizniak said.

The exchange will only trade physical delivery biomass contracts, with the platform providing a meeting point between buyers and sellers. The trades will be priced per gigajoule (GJ) of energy rather than volume because Polpx expects several types of biomass to feature. It aims to start trading in the last week of April or the first week of May at the latest.

Rising utility demand and calls for a more transparent market prompted the move. Biomass is traded mainly in bilateral contracts at present, and will remain a key part of the market, Blizniak said. But the exchange expects to grab a 15pc of the Polish biomass trade within a couple of years.

Polish generators and heating companies consumed about 4.5mn t of biomass and produced 5.5TWh of electricity last year. But several biomass boilers under construction are expected to raise biomass demand by 4mn t/yr in the years to come.

Utilities are investing in biomass to increase their renewables power production and to reduce their cost of CO2 emissions. The rise in consumption has helped biomass suppliers, which have struggled to meet demand. “Last year, we had to work hard to get deals with Polish generators. This year, they call us themselves asking for biomass,” one supplier said. The price in the bilateral market is around 380-400 zlotys/t ($134-140/t), or 25 zlotys/GJ.

This demand is likely to rise further, with Poland obliged to increase power production from renewable energy sources. Electricity producers must produce at least 10.4pc of their output from renewables, or be forced to buy tradeable renewables certificates. This target is expected to rise to 12.9pc of output and the government is considering increasing it further.

At the same time the government is raising obligations for burning biomass of agricultural origin rather than forest-based biomass, inevitably raising demand for the former. Poland has a capacity to produce an additional 8.8mn t/yr of forest-based biomass and 7.8mn t/yr of straw, Blizniak said. But the country is likely to increase imports from European suppliers such as Ukraine, Belarus and Russia as well as others from west Africa and southeast Asia.

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Access via Trayport to the world’s first biomass exchange…in Rotterdam

A key element of the EU 20-20-20 policy is the 20% increase in use of renewable energy by 2020. This target highlights the importance policy-makers are placing on making energy generation more sustainable.

Biomass represents an area of growing importance in renewable energy, especially in the industrial wood pellets market. An effective and innovative trading platform is essential for achieving the EU renewables target in a competitive and, therefore, cost-effective way. It also represents an opportunity for enterprising energy traders – a fact emphasized by recent market consultation studies that indicate a strong growth potential for such exchange-traded biomass products.

Consolidating & standardising the product specifications (including the sustainability criteria) is vital to the viability of the burgeoning biomass market. Trayport is now able to offer access to trade standard Biomass contracts in a transparent manner on APX-ENDEX’s Biomass exchange. The exchange traded wood pellet contracts that are offered include 3 month, 3 quarters and 3 calendars.

NB All other APX-ENDEX futures contracts are also available via Trading Gateway.

North American Biomass Exchange

North American Biomass Exchange (“Exchange”) serves Sellers and Buyers of agricultural, animal, commercial, industrial and forestry biomass.
Exchange listings cover all types of biomass – agricultural residue, bark, dairy manure, dry sawdust, dry woodchips, energy crops, forest residues, green sawdust, green woodchips, poultry manure/litter, waste oil, waste organic substrate, other organic waste and other wood waste.
Sellers include producers of biomass such as for example, dairy farmers, energy crop farmers, forest harvesters, industries, poultry farmers, sawmills, waste haulers, wood product companies, wood pallet service providers and wood pellet producers.
Buyers include consumers of biomass such as, for example, aggregators, bio-energy producers, bio-fuel producers, heat and power producers, industries, poultry farms and wood pellet producers.
Sellers and Buyers contact each other directly for negotiating sale and purchase contracts.

Minnesota Biomass Exchange

Classification of alternative fuels and raw materials for their production.
Primary energy resources in terms of their possible use for the production of motor fuels can be divided into two groups.

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The first should include primary energy resources that can be directly used for production of fuels. They include all the fossil fuels and biomass. The second group includes other primary energy, which cannot be used for direct production of fuels, but contribute to the expansion of raw materials for their production.

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The impact of these energy saving effect through fossil fuels, being replaced by alternative forms of energy.
Natural gas – is that part of natural hydrocarbons that exists in a gaseous state or dissolved in the oil reservoir tank and a gas at atmospheric temperatures and pressures.

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Natural gas liquids – represents that portion of natural gas, which is in place in the natural reservoirs exist in the gaseous state or dissolved in the oil and turns into a gaseous state during the extraction, but the ground units into a liquid.
Natural resins – is that part of the petroleum that exists in natural reservoirs in semi-solid or solid state.

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Prior to processing of natural resins require their special pre-treatment. The natural resins are primarily natural bitumen.
Alternative raw materials are multifunctional in nature. This is reflected in the choice of technology for the same raw materials and receiving various types of fuels and raw materials of various kinds – the same fuel. Under the alternative motor fuel should be understood as derived from non-traditional raw materials, liquid and gaseous fuels that can be used in mobile power systems of transport, agriculture, industry, construction and utilities.

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These mobile plants are carbureted motor and piston aircraft engines, high-speed auto tractor, locomotive and marine diesel engines, medium and low-diesel engines, turboprop and turbojet aircraft engines, gas turbines water transport.

Biomass trade – CKade, in collaboration with BiomassConsultancy

Biomass trade
Biomass commodities exchange

CKade, in collaboration with BiomassConsultancy, developed a business case for Port of Rotterdam Authority for the establishment of world’s first biomass commodities exchange. A biomass exchange will increase the import and processing of biomass in Port of Rotterdam and strengthen its position as biomass main port for Europe. To further support the development of a biomass exchange, CKade and BiomassConsultancy set up a formal collaboration with APX-ENDEX, an energy derivatives exchange.

A public version of the market analysis can be downloaded here.

Click to access Public%20Version%20-%20Market%20Analysis%20Biomass%20Commodities%20Exchange%20August%202010.pdf

Promotion of biomass trade and sustainability

CKade and BFP International launched the Rotterdam Biomass Commodities Network (RBCN). RBCN is an informal platform that brings together traders and other parties active in the biomass supply chain to exchange information and establish new alliances. Started in 2009, RBCN quickly developed into a recognized event for the biomass sector and makes an important contribution to a positive development of the biomass trade and industry.

As of January 1st, 2011, RBCN has been established as an independent foundation. RBCN commits itself to develop and capitalize the opportunities for the industry of a sustainable energy supply and production of biomaterials. To read the complete press release please click here.

Biomass eXchange, LLC

Biomass eXchange, LLC

Biomass eXchange, LLC, is a brokerage and consulting firm for generators and users of biomass. Our services are intended to help grow the beneficial use of biomass resources throughout the country. The company was founded to assist in growing the infrastructure of biomass use through connecting biomass material generators with those that can utilize this material for energy production or other uses.

Let us help you avoid disposal costs, maximize material re-use, and allow the Biomass-to-Energy/Fuels industry to grow and be part of the solution to the nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

About Us
With over 27 years of experience, Biomass eXchange’s LLC. staff has the expertise to help locate quantities of, and negotiate prices on, biomass materials necessary to for you to operate your business more efficiently and economically.

We have formed strategic alliances with over 40 of the top biomass generators in the Southeast. The purpose of these alliances is to help consolidate the supply of biomass and biofuels to end-users throughout the region, help keep prices for the materials more stable, and assist in growing this industry’s infrastructure.

Biomass eXchange, LLC. serves as a facilitator in negotiating agreements or contracts between and supplying a broad range of biomass feedstocks for operating entities in the Cellulosic Ethanol, Wood Fuels Pelletizing, Electric Utility and Biomass-to-Energy industries. Contracts can range from one to five years.

Biomass eXchange, LLC. also assists clients in the selection of the optimum voluntary certification standards in order to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions. The certification renders a given facility eligible to trade the resulting Carbon Credits to Utility and Industrial buyers within the European Union and other carbon credit markets.

Our Services
Biomass eXchange, LLC. offers the following services:

Feedstock Brokerage Service
Contract Negotiation
Arrangement of Transportation of Feedstock Materials
Feedstock Processing
BTU Evaluation
Carbon Credit Certification and Brokerage Assistance
Waste Evaluation and Consulting Services

Dutch launch world’s first biomass exchange

Power and gas exchange APX-Endex branches out into wood pellets

Dutch launch world’s first biomass exchange
By Karel Beckman

The Dutch power and gas exchange APX-Endex has opened the world’s first Biomass Exchange in Amsterdam. The new Exchange will serve as a platform for trade in standardized industrial wood pellets, which are increasingly used as a renewable alternative for coal in coal-fired power stations. ‘We hope that our Exchange will bring long-term security and stability to this growing market’, says Pieter Schuurs, COO of APX-Endex.

Drax secures £75m Treasury loan guarantee to switch from coal to biomass

First generator converted to run on biomass this month, with remaining two expected to be completed by 2015

Plans to convert the UK’s largest coal plant to run on biomass have been given a multi-million pound boost, after the Treasury confirmed Drax would be the first company to receive a loan guarantee from its new scheme designed to drive investment in infrastructure.

Drax yesterday announced it will receive a £75m guarantee from the Treasury scheme, known as UK Guarantees, which will underpin a private loan by Friends Life to fund the biomass conversion of three of its six generators.
The company this month completed the first conversion and hopes to convert the second generator next year.
Welcome to the National Solar Centre – Could it hold the secret to a solar-powered Britain?
Case study: Adnams brews up green gas from waste
A spokesman for Drax told BusinessGreen that the conversion of the third generator could be completed by 2015, depending on the availability of biomass.
In the long term, Drax has signalled that it plans to convert all six generators to biomass.
Tony Quinlan, finance director of Drax Group, said the government’s decision to underwrite the loan would be crucial to the financing package for the first three generators.
“The benefits are multiple, from securing jobs at Drax and across the UK in the supply chain to providing low carbon, cost effective and reliable renewable power for the consumer. We are delighted to secure the support of Friends Life and Infrastructure UK,” he said.
The UK Guarantees Scheme was announced last summer, offering loan guarantees worth up to £40bn to infrastructure projects that may have stalled because of adverse credit conditions.
The new loan facility replaces £50m of the £100m loan agreed with the UK Green Investment Bank in December 2012.
The Drax spokesman explained that the replacement would cut costs as the new loan has a four per cent interest rate, compared to six per cent required by the Green Investment Bank.
In addition, the new deal means Drax has now secured support from three government departments – the Treasury, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
The £700m total funding programme now includes just £50m from the Green Investment Bank, plus a £400m revolving credit facility, £190m raised from a share placing in October, and £100m loan from Prudential and M&G UK, plus £75m from Friends Life.
Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, said the award would be the first of many.
“The UK Guarantee scheme enables private sector investment to be supported by the strength of the UK balance sheet, secured by the tough decisions this government has taken,” he said.
“The Drax conversion will be the first project of many to be enabled by this radical, innovative new approach. I would strongly encourage any other investor who thinks a guarantee may help them to talk to the Treasury – the door is open.”
In total, the government has identified about £40bn of projects that could qualify for the guarantees, the bulk of which are understood to be in the energy and transport sectors.
Qualifying projects must be ready to start construction within 12 months of the guarantee being issued, appear in the government’s National Infrastructure Plan 201, and must have obtained all relevant consents and be able to demonstrate that they are financially credible and represent “good value to the taxpayer”.
However, the award will not be welcomed by all green groups given that some are continuing to campaign against biomass projects, which they fear will lead to increased deforestation.
Both Drax and the government have insisted that the biomass used by the site will meet demanding sustainability criteria, but some green groups remain concerned that reliance on imported wood chips could still fuel deforestation and lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

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